Exam fee will be accepted from 18th October to 21st October midnight. Exam fee ni 18 atang ni 21 October 2021 thleng pek theih a ni.

Read the instructions provided in this page before filling up the form. If you have doubt after reading all the information, you may contact us in the support number(s) given below. Form i fill-up hma-in a hnuai ami hi chhiar hmasak ngei ngei tur a ni. Hriat tur zawng zawng chu tarlan a ni a; hriatthiam loh i la nei a nih chuan a hnuaia Support number ah zawhfiah theih a ni.

  1. You are requested to type your details correctly; we will not be responsible if you make typing mistake. Form i fill-up hunah i personal details te dik taka type tur a ni; typing mistake a awm a nih chuan mawh kan phur lovang.
  2. Following are the information required to fill-up the form. Form fill-up huna hriat ngai te:

    1. MZU registration number (Type A/F if you don't have registration no. Reg. no la nei lo tan A/F tiin ziah tur.)
    2. MZU roll number (in full)
    3. Full name (I hmingpum)
    4. Father/Mother's name (I pa/nu hming)
    5. Date of birth (as per Class 10 Certificate)
    6. Phone number
    7. Email (Confirmation will be sent in your mail. I email ah confirmation i dawng ang). You can use any working email address. E-mail ah hian i thian te email pawh i hmang thei.

  3. Before continuing to payment page, review your details and check if typing mistake occurs. I fill-up zawh hunah Payment i tih hma-in typing mistake a awm em check phawt ang che.
  4. After filling-up the form, click on Continue to Payment to go to payment page. Form i fill-up vek hnu (Step 4) ah Continue to Payment ah i khawih anga, heta tang hian payment tihna tur a lang ang. Payment tih nan hian debit card, UPI, wallet te a hman theih vek a ni.
  5. A confirmation page will be displayed after payment is completed. You will also receive confirmation from Regga Technologies in your mail. Payment i tih zawh hnuah, confirmation (receipt) a lo lang ang. I email ah confirmation mail i dawng bawk ang. Online payment tih nan hian Regga Technologies software hman a ni a, payment confirmation mail ah hian Regga Technologies hming a chuang ang.
  6. 2% payment gateway fee and 0.36% GST is charged from the fee amount. Online a fee pek nan hian bank payment gateway hman man 2% leh GST 0.36% a tel. The total amount may deviate up to 0.50 due to round-off during fee calculation.
  7. We will display Payment successful list after payment is closed. Payment kan khar hnu-ah Payment successful list a hranpa in Notice atang kan rawn chhuah anga, hetah hian i roll number a awm em i finfiah ang. Fee pe si, hemi list a awm ve lo chu Support team hnenah report tur a ni. Hei hi final verification atan hman a ni ang. Fee receipt i neih chuan List-a hming awmlo te tan chiai na tur a awm lo; chuvangin i payment receipt te kha dah tha ang che.


  1. [EN] Do not refresh or press Back while transaction is processing.
    [MZ] Transaction tih laiin Refresh emaw Back emaw hmeh loh tur.

  2. [EN] After transaction is completed, you need to wait until final confirmation/receipt is displayed on the screen.
    [MZ] Transaction zawh hnuah receipt a lan hma chu nghah tur, Refresh emaw Back emaw hmeh loh tur.

  3. [EN] A confirmation is also sent to your email after payment is completed successfully. If confirmation receipt is not shown on the screen due to internet problem, you can check your email.
    [MZ] I bank atanga pawisa transfer a zawh veleh confirmation e-mail kan thawn nghal a. Internet lamah buaina i neih a, i screen-ah confirmation a lang lo a nih chuan i email ah i check thei.

  4. [EN] For card payment, please make sure your card is activated for online transaction. If your card has never been used for online transaction before, you may need to activate first.
    [MZ] Card hmanga pe tur tan: i ATM card kha online transaction atan i la hman ngai loh chuan activate phawt a ngai.